Because College Doesn't Happen By Chance®

Minneapolis HOPE Dollars for Scholars was established in 2012 to provide scholarships to deserving and driven graduates from Minneapolis Public High Schools.

There are various perspectives or reasons to give, below are just a few:


For the Benefit of the Students who are seeking a better Future

  • Dollars Back To Prospective Scholars - Donations are awarded on an annual basis.
  • Simplicity - Students complete one application.
  • Collegiate Matching partners include more than 120 colleges and universities that have agreed to match Scholarship America scholarship awards! Click Here to view the list of participating colleges.


For the Benefit of the Minneapolis Community

  • Excitement - A single, coordinated plan for local scholarships creates excitement about helping students to continue their education.
  • Growing Support - More people are encouraged to contribute which in turn supports more scholarships
  • Community Focus - Our community becomes even more focused on the benefits of education


For the Benefit of the Donors

  • Greater visibility - Our chapter works to promote and recognize its donors, their scholarships and student recipients, providing increased visibility for all involved.
  • Tax Benefits - As a chapter of Scholarship of America, a nonprofit organization designated as a 501(c)(3) by the IRS, contributions to Minneapolis HOPE Dollars for Scholars are tax deductible.
  • Larger Applicant Pool - More students are encouraged to apply for scholarships through our chapter because they can complete one application and meet one deadline.
  • We Make it Easy for You - The streamlined and nationally sponsored website and donation engine simplifies the logistics for donors and students.


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Because College Doesn't Happen By Chance® 
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